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Les blogs sont une façon simple de créer votre propre page d'accueil mise à jour régulièrement pour parler de votre vie sur NoStringsAttached. C'est un excellent moyen de mieux découvrir les autres membres et de vous révéler davantage ainsi que vos expériences personnelles des rencontres faites sur NoStringsAttached ! Vous pouvez lire les publications des autres membres ou commencez le vôtre. C'est facile !

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Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
fist 3775 27/2 23h48
Aliens have landed, in my mind they stay I've been damned, I never see the light of day (Declared in 381 21/3 22h28
She fell from the heavens like a fireball Introduced the devil to fire Just one little lick and you 394 21/3 22h22
Well, I'm a sex-shooter Hot teaser Love pleaser Got a lust that kills Got a reputation From town to 400 21/3 22h14
(We stand alone) (We stand alone) It's been so long It's always the same We stand alone We're just 407 21/3 22h07
Waiting round here For my world to change Re-arrange my life It seems nothing stays the same Yo 417 21/3 22h01
The fear is paralyzing Second gear for flight The atmosphere is tantalizing Savor every bite Stand 422 21/3 21h56
Unforgetable nightmare I can't fight, Perfect words to the perfect rhyme, Would you talk to me? (Tal 53 21/3 21h47
Your crying eyes You tell a secret Of a million lies A thousand reasons This time baby Tears are not 51 21/3 21h41
My love, our love is stranger than paradise I've had enough, I can't put up with this sacrifice 'Cos 68 21/3 21h33
Everytime you lick my hand my heart begins to kick towards the fire we start to dance burning with e 102 21/3 21h14
We were riding the neon trail between Heaven and Hell And she acted like she lov 129 21/3 20h59
Whoa! Bad Billy Billy went drivin' on a Saturday night Headed for trouble with a bottle of wine He 136 21/3 20h52
600th post. The non-sense song 363 21/3 20h52
One, two, fuck you Well it’s bourbon for breakfest Draggin' two packs a day on the side Ooh I’m how 150 21/3 20h44
Woo! For the love of money You would lie to your money 173 21/3 20h35
Smooth up in ya Mama Whoa I know you really want to move me You know I like to see you try I've sa 176 21/3 20h28
Well, there's women in the city that make me feel shitty There's some that make me pack a wad But th 195 21/3 20h04
Who is the man in the white vest! I'm getting nervous, becoming a mess Is he the doctor's man to tak 190 21/3 19h56
Wake up my lover, shake her off like a stick Hung over, tired and shaky, head two feet thick Half pa 194 21/3 19h49

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Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
fist 3775 21/3
caption me 4806 20/3
What would you do.... 7219 21/3
The Words that Doomed Us 6276 18/3
Stop by and sit a spell. 3232 21/3
Too much for funeral two 2419 9/3
You are so beautiful 17635 21/3
The Bargee is feeling Uncle Dick 13550 19/3
Mon Blog
par  rosaenaluin   59F
The weather, 2849 2/3
cock shots.... 5913 20/3
Dreaming 22148 1/3
Nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo 6894 6/3
Fluffy Ann Would Never Fit ... 188 21/3
Weird 16519 18/3
Mon Blog
par  Lotusflower1    51F
Classic example on Alt..... 4876 27/2
par  eliza1234   43F
#1 Lust 8836 16/3
In which one lays a ghost with a spanking 4744 24/2
par  MissLadywood   45F
Fabulous idea ? 23927 16/3
new chat room 13991 5/3
Packing 10638 8/3

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